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The problem has already been pointed out for a long time and I don’t think it’s a problem that will be solved in a short period of time, but I can’t get Corona.
It is also on the rise, with step-by-step regulations, and there are many outbreaks outside Seoul, Gyeonggi, and the metropolitan area.

They say they’re careful, but they can’t easily catch the spread.
Every time I go out, I have to wear a mask, and I can’t get together late at night or as a group, and I’m suffering a lot of social and economic damage as well as inconvenience in my daily life.

In the case of individual businesses and small self-employed people, their income naturally decreased due to reduced sales, and fixed expenses such as rent, utility bills, and labor costs remained the same, but many people consider closing their businesses due to significantly reduced sales.

Although it is said to be enduring such a difficult time, it is not a problem that will be solved in a short period of time, so more and more people are curious about or in need of private business loan conditions.

If you 폰테크 look around, there are many acquaintances who run private businesses.
If you look closely, most of them are small or service, restaurant, and primary industries.

Even in the current economic situation, if the company is large or solid, it will not be unreasonable because it has the capital power or reserves to endure, but it can be timed.
In the case of self-employed people or small business owners, it is difficult to endure and it will be hard to lead at a low cost every month.

If it’s a problem that’s going to end in a short period of time, I’ll try to endure it somehow, but I expect it to be prolonged as it is, so I have to make a more reasonable and detailed plan and watch the changes.

Among the alternatives, government-funded systems and policies for private businesses should be utilized well, and it would be good to keep private business loans in mind.
In fact, the reality is that private businesses need money urgently, so even if they visit the main transaction, it’s not easy.

On average, they have higher incomes than office workers, but they are often rejected by banks because they are not stable.

Furthermore, if all business owners are in a difficult time like these days, the door will be narrower.
So I’m in a hurry to get credit card service or credit card money and solve it for a while, but I’m watching them block it again because they’re burdened by the payment date that comes back soon.

Since card services are short-term, the monthly payment will inevitably increase.
In such cases, we should reduce the burden every month until the economy stabilizes by making a long-term plan to reduce the amount of payments.

There can be many ways to understand private business loans.
The first is to use various government-encouraged institutions.

The main focus is small business loans, sunshine loans, and Saitdol, and other local governments or foundations provide a lot of support, so it would be good to keep that in mind.
And I’m also prepared to look at private business loans in two-mung notes quite reasonably.

Anyone who has been in business for more than three months can apply without difficulty if there is no credit problem.

As I said earlier, it is true that business owners are slightly disadvantaged by financial institutions.

It would make a difference if it was a company with excellent technology or a large patent, but it may be natural that there are inconveniences if you run a small business, but there are advantages if you try a little harder to find out.

In particular, mortgage loans may be the most useful of private business loans.

You can use up to 95% of your business funds beyond government regulations, and in a similar vein, if you own a car that has been shipped since 2012, you can get more benefits.

And if you’re using your credit card constantly or if your personal insurance is maintained for more than a year, you’ll get a lot of treatment.

It would be good to keep that in mind because everything is recognized and evaluated as an asset.

It’s a difficult time for anyone in the working class in Korea, but I think private businesses are the most damaged.

Even if I want to work hard, I can’t imagine the hardship of the past year for those who are in business related to the service industry, restaurant industry, and primary industry.

Even if it’s a bit of a difficult time, I’ll make a detailed and long-term plan and cheer for you to overcome it wisely.

If you need more questions or information about the private business loans we talked about today, you can ask below.
Always be full of happy things!

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