You can easily see the products that look like this.

One of the interior design that you do a lot these days is
We’re going to transform the existing space little by little.
You seem to make your own unique space.

It’s against the law to change the building.
There’s a part that can be changed in the allowed line.
It’s a skyning installation.

I’m sure some of you are unfamiliar with it.
In a space without a ceiling
You can think of it as a suitable interior.

So when you decorate a rooftop or a terrace,
If you want to make room at an efficient cost,
You’re looking for interior design a lot of people are looking for it.

If you go to a cafe that has outdoor space these days,
You can easily see the products that look like this.

Not only cafes, but also restaurants and pensions.
These days, there are many requests for installation at private homes.

Recently, skyning was installed in Ogeum-ro, Seoul
I got a request and went to the scene.

They’re not high-rise buildings. They’re low-rise buildings.
If you look from the outside, the interior effect is noticeable.

There’s quite a bit of space left between the building and the surrounding exterior walls.
There seemed to be plenty of room to use.

Besides, there’s already artificial grass on the floor.
You can decorate it with a resting area or a garden.
The atmosphere is completely different with just chairs and tables.

I really need a frame for the anning installation.
We worked on the L-TYPE.
We measured it in 스카이어닝 size 10500*2680.

And I’m going to be able to make Skyning attractive.
I’ve added two lines of LED light bulb color.

I showed you a picture of the cool system when it was bright.
If you look at the subtle lights at night,
You’ll feel like you want to do it right away.

as if you were in a city in Europe
You can feel the atmosphere.

Coincidentally, both outer walls and annings are similar in ivory tone.
It gave the same effect as the interior design.

The cooling system works well with the surroundings.
I’m going to examine these parts.
Because the cooling system has a lot of construction experience,
Trendy design and customers want
We can provide you with an interior that fits your space.

It’s an efficient product.
There are many requests for construction because of the high design utilization.

from very small spaces to very large areas.
We can make it in all sizes.
If you need a ceiling for installing an earning, please contact me.

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