7-18% interest rate for five years, up to 20 million won

Now, the Republic of Korea is facing a significant economic recession, not just the people of the Republic of Korea but also the global economic crisis. The country operates a variety of loan products that can be used at low interest rates for the economic stability and independence of ordinary people. So today, we will have time to learn about the types, conditions and qualifications of government-funded ordinary people.

Government-funded common people’s loans?

It is a product that lends low-interest products to low-income and low-income people who had to pay high-interest loans to lenders in the private sector. If the credit rating is relatively bad or the income is unstable, the use of loan products in the financial sector is often limited, so it is a system that helps economic stability by operating products such as Sunshine Loan and Siet Stone.

There are various objects that can receive as many products as they are operated. Starting with workers and housewives who need general living funds, businesses that need facility management funds and labor costs, and founders who need start-up funds can use it.

However, if a credit recoverer or delinquent or default information is registered in the process of personal rehabilitation and bankruptcy, or a gambling and entertainment business operator is limited in the use of loan government-funded loans.

government-funded common people loan type

So what are the types of government-funded ordinary people’s loans? Let’s find out.

  1. Sunshine theory;

It’s the most representative product. It’s a product with a high approval rate. It’s available without a special overdue history, and low-credit users with a credit rating of 6-10 or less.

  1. Mr.Saehwon Hall

Mr. Saehun Hall is also one of the products that can be used regardless of credit rating.

3 .Sitestone

It is a loan product that is used by middle-class or low-credit people. It is called “Site Stone 1” in banknotes and “Site Stone 2” when used by savings banks.

  1. Change of Dreams

It is a change dream loan, also called a loan for ordinary people. It is a product that comes out to relieve the burden of high interest debt of ordinary people who are struggling with high interest rates of more than 20%. You must be using high interest loans for more than 6 months to qualify for use.
Government-Supported Lower-Rent Loan Conditions and Qualifications

  1. Sunshine theory;

Let’s look at the conditions and qualifications of the first sunshine loan type of government support. Anyone can use it regardless of their occupation, such as freelancers, business operators, etc., and the income should be at least 45 million won as it is a common loan. The term of service also requires a minimum of three months of service.

Up to 30 million won can be used at 7-9% interest rate, which can be used for 3 years or 5 years in equal installment. It is as wide as it can be used for low-credit users with 8 grade of 폰테크 new song grade.

  1. Mr.Saehwon Hall

The second product I want to introduce is Mr. SaeHoon Hall. You can also get jobs, businesses, or freelancers regardless of your job. It must be more than three months in office and the annual income must be less than 45 million won. Also, the credit rating should be at least 7th grade.

Up to 30 million won can be used for 5 years at 6-9% interest rate and can be repaid in equal installment.

3 .Sitestone

The Sitstone loan is also for freelancers, workers, and businesses. The term of service requires at least five months. The income should be over 15 million won. In the case of credit rating, it is possible to have low credit rating from 1st to 8th grade.

Up to 20 million won can be used at 7-18% interest rate for 5 years. The repayment method is equal repayment of principal.

It is called “Site Stone 1” when used in banknotes, and it is called “Site Stone 2” in savings banks.

  1. Change of Dreams

The change is a government-run loan, which is not restricted to jobs and requires more than three months of service. You should have a credit rating of 8th grade, an annual income of 15 million won or more.

The limit is up to 30 million won, with an annual interest rate of 7-18%. It is a government-funded ordinary loan that can be used for five years.

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