I strongly recommend it because I want you to go!

Hello! It’s a week that I don’t want to come back to my daily life after a good rest. But I feel better because I feel much better. I think it’s all thanks to Namyangju Gunma who went on a holiday. I wasn’t interested in massage at all, but I’ve been going around since I got to know Namyangju’s Thai massage. To keep it to yourself, it’s a perfect place with everything including facilities, skills, and services, so I’d like to share it with you! Well, let’s get started.

I was originally not that interested in massage. It’s true that you didn’t have much interest in health care as well as massage. It was me who used to walk around in the winter wearing coats instead of padding. Now that the new year is bright, I’m worried about taking care of my health. So I made a reservation through Gunma. It’s close, and most importantly, if you’re a member, you can get a membership discount, so I liked that merit the most.

Since there are so many customers at Taimasaji in Namyangju, we’d like to recommend you to make a reservation in advance. I didn’t know anything about it at first, but I remember waiting longer than I thought. So I recommend you to make a reservation. ^^ Before you go in, I’ll make sure to check your body temperature and sterilize your hands before I go in.

When I went inside, I saw a store with a much cleaner and more sophisticated interior than the picture I saw on the website. Even if I’m not tuberculosis, I tend to be more nervous than others. It’s very clean and pleasant, so I think I can relax. I liked it even more because I couldn’t find a single hair on the floor.

Taimasaji in Namyangju is more attractive in terms of price than anything else. I asked the store for their understanding and took some pictures of the menu to show you. It was also famous for Namyangju’s lowest-priced massage, so it was a very cost-effective program. I’m afraid you might have a prejudice that you don’t have skills just because it’s cheap, so to tell you, your skills are also amazing! There’s really nothing missing, right?

After choosing the course, I went into the changing room to change my clothes. There was a maintenance suit, a shower room, a dressing table, and a locker to store the clothes that were originally worn. It was not only large enough to store clothes, but the shower room was clean and most of the supplies were prepared on the dressing 강남건마 table, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable even if I came empty-handed!

We’re finally in the maintenance room! The bed and pillow were in good condition. Even if I was wearing short-sleeved shorts in the cold weather, it was nice because it controlled the temperature well so it wasn’t cold. Besides, your skills in Namyangju’s Taimasaji were so excellent that you let it go from head to toe, and I think your satisfaction was doubled. ^^ I strongly recommend it because I hope you can go there too!

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