I’m sorry I couldn’t bring him in right now

My stomach hurts so much because I couldn’t eat breakfast.

Since I was young, I’ve always felt like a belly watch.

Whenever you skip meals, stomach acid gets very bad.

I had no choice 88카 but to prepare it.

I have to go to work farther from this month.

I mean, a day or two is fine.

I was on your side, but that’s it. As soon as a few days have passed,

It’s so hard to find a car.

I thought I wanted to do it.

It’s true that I have some funds.

I went to the store for lunch.

He recommended me a new used car.

To be honest, he was a representative model for starvation.

I think I really liked this one.

So I really want to have one someday, or…

The desire to rent and drive.

It symbolizes the image of a car.

Can you see the design on the front? tightly

It is designed to be wide and wide.

The three-dimensional connection between the grill and the side.

The headlamps add a high quality mood.

I’m a big man. I’m a big man.

It comes out often, so it’s medium or medium.

On the contrary, it was regarded as a sub-large-scale level.

It’s a sleek and loose design.

Of course it was good, but I ignored the driving performance.

I heard it’s really nice to talk about.

A lot. I heard it’s a gasoline shot.

I don’t know what to do, but I don’t know what to do.

I’ll save the oil. I’ll bring the rattling diesel.

I didn’t want to choose. Select from scratch

I couldn’t do it. Anyway, it’s soft.

And expect strong driving skills.

It was a fun sightseeing because I could try it.

I started the engine and opened the bonnet.

It was more comfortable because you showed it to me.

The engine room was very clean.

Prime Minister Noblesse, top civil servant.

It was fixed with a grade trim.

We’ve been developing steadily, and we’re meeting a lot of people.

In terms of performance as well as visual.

Just because it’s improved, I think we need to get the latest model.

I had no choice but to choose. Let’s see.

I’m getting greedy after doing it.

I think it’s natural as a human being.

And it is made up of sophisticated black.

I fell in love with him at first sight.

We are entering a used interior and looking for an example.

a bright beige-toned calm atmosphere

Is this for you? It’s dark, but…

It’s easy to manage when it’s black.

I will, but I think I’ll get tired of it soon.

I heard it. But it’s a bright color.

It’s a two-tone base.

It’s worth following the mole. And the size.

It’s quite wide. I was surprised in the second row.

I’m behind. Headroom, but this.

The leg room is overwhelmingly wide open.

Of course, it was a power sheet, whatever you wanted.

Push the button to increase the angle.

Also, is it set up correctly? in addition to

I’m looking at the door, and I’m looking at the basic door trim.

I will use memory functions as well as buttons.

I could see that it was possible.

This is it. It’s not even in a comfort zone.

It didn’t have any elements, it didn’t break, and it was really cool.

I was surprised that it worked well.

There are several buttons around like this.

It’s on the handle, so if you get a call,

It’s systematic because you can hang up or get it right away.

The display that you face while driving…

I think it was especially impressive.

I’d like to. I want to see the overwhelming formation.

The instrument cluster and the trip screen attracted attention.

The analog atmosphere at the level of a foreign car…

I could hardly feel it. Kia emblem is…

It’s attached to the handle to break the dream.

I could come back to reality.

The instrument panel on the screen looks like this.

Speedometer with unusual configurations on both sides.

It was already done. Each accumulates as a result of driving.

I put the information on the organized screen.

No one says the travel screen is overwhelming.

I don’t think I can argue. Latest Display

Technology can be applied to see.

I thought it would be nice. And the navigation.

This is the real country. Riding a used car across the country

You’re gonna have to run everywhere.

I’m telling you. It’s the kind of thing that’s forming.

The graphics were high and there was no delay.

At first, I could use it freely.

It will take some time to adjust and process.

Maybe, but it’s just the beginning.

It wasn’t difficult to control at all

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