That’s how the Jeonju Massage started.

These days, Corona’s been keeping me at home.

There was.

I think it’s best not to go outside.

I’ve been at home all day, of course.

No movement, just lie down.

It worked.

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling all over the place.

It’s not good enough.

Then my friend will go get a Jeonju massage.

You said you were going to the front of your house.

I’ll take a reservation with you.

It’s done.

It’s such a great place, and I feel good about it’s…

I was able to go.

The aristocrat Therapy we’ve been to in Jeonju.

On the fifth floor of the building next to the parking lot at City Hospital.

It was located.

The building is so large that it’s 전주 건마 easy to see.

It was an entrance. The sign was yellow.

It’s big on the top, so it’s easy to see.

It used to float.

So that you can get to the building to the parking lot.

It’s good to wait comfortably.

There’s plenty of room. Lots of space.

They made it possible.

Right in front of the building, there’s a big red building.

The balloon is up, so faster.

It allowed me to find the building.

You can do various things from sports to experience

It says there is. Just looking at it makes me feel better.

I felt like my whole body was getting cooler.

This isn’t a taimasazi. It’s a career.

The best managers, the best directors, the directors,

You make me feel more comfortable and refreshed.

I’m really looking forward to it.

It was high.

Let’s go up to the fifth floor and get a massage.

I’ve decided to get somebody.

The entrance is so clean and spacious.

The old-fashioned idea of what’s in it.

It made me take it myself.

Especially the plants are so diverse.

It’s good for air circulation.

It made me think.

I’m on my way to get a massage.

I’ve never seen an antique building before.

I used to have high expectations.

The entrance says they’re in the middle of the phone.

He asked for it.

We’ve also called, and you’ve been very kind.

You came out and you showed us around.

They made me feel comfortable.

Other places use foreigners a lot.

It’s really hard to talk to you, but this is a Korean.

There are so many people that it’s not easy to talk to.

There wasn’t.

Let’s go inside. It’s luxurious, but it’s clear.

I felt a lot of warmth.

It wasn’t just fancy, but it wasn’t necessarily a house.

It’s a place where you can feel the warmth of the same person.

I could have been relieved.

It smells good as soon as I get in, so I feel drowsy.

I felt like I was losing.

The surrounding walls have warm colors.

I’m not sure if you’ve used it to make me feel good.

It was this place.

The props are so good with their own space.

I thought it was really nice because it looked good on me.

And it’s a lot of fun to watch.

I’m going to take pictures and be careful.

I used to look at him.

We’re going to do a Jeonju massage too early.

I had to wait a little bit when I came here.

So I’m going to take a look at the terrace inside.

I’ve got to go.

There’s even a table on the terrace, so I’ll sit down.

I could have taken a break.

I wish the sun would come in.

The atmosphere was amazing.

I’ll be right back with a cup of tea. Autumn wind.

I took a look outside while getting hit.

You don’t have to go to another pretty cafe.

I’m giving you a perfect score on being able to create an atmosphere.

I wanted to.

And where we started drinking coffee, we had a lot of different kinds of things.

Because the cars are in gear, they’re in full swing.

마실 수 있었는데요.

어쩌다보니 전주마사지 받기 전에

대기시간이 좀 있길래 두잔을

마게 되었네요.

기계들도 좋은 것들로만 사용해서 편하고

위생적이게 이용할 수 있도록 해줬답니다.

드디어 저희 차례가 되었고 직원분들이

저희를 상담실로 안내를 해주셨어요.

Where does it hurt here and how?

We’re going to have a thorough conversation about how it goes.

That’s what happened.

My friend and I were sick in different places.

We decided to get it separately.

You really explained it well and listened to it well.

I was able to proceed comfortably.

It’s completely comfortable inside the counseling room.

I felt good.

Focus on that, where and what to do.

You’ve been so meticulous in your explanation that we’re going to each of you

I’ve heard the explanation well.

I’ve heard this explanation, and it’s clear.

I’m looking forward to the quality of the Jeonju massage.

I’m getting ahead of them.

That’s the first thing I’m going to do is use the foot bath.

That’s what happened.

in a soft chair so that you can sit comfortably

I sat down and put my feet in that tank.

It allows you to relax.

The backs are well set, so you can lean on them comfortably.

It allows me to do it.

I’m looking for the right place to start in the foot bath.

That’s what happened.

The temperature of the water was just right, and then press it down.

It was so refreshing that you let your feet go.

It’s really neat, but it’s already relaxing.

It felt like it was happening.

That’s how much fatigue I had in my body.

I just wanted to, so I was sorry.

From now on, I will receive and manage Jeonju massage frequently.

I thought I should do it.
After you finish your foot bath, go back to your room.

It’s working.

A variety of rooms, including single rooms, couple rooms, multi-person rooms, etc.

It’s divided, so you can choose and use it.

It’s a big advantage.

We’re going to use the couple’s room, and we’re going to use it

We decided to get a massage together.
That’s why I used the couple’s room.

Bedding is comfortable without a speck of dust.

I made sure that…

That’s how the Jeonju Massage started.

We’ve been suffering from the sound of the song and the coolness of it.

It’s been maximized, and it’s like my whole body is getting tired.

I did.

You’re so good at this. You’re amazing.

It was enough to make me want to.

After we were done with it, we both looked at each other’s faces.

It was so lively.

I feel a little dazed from now on.

If you want, come straight to Jeonju Massage.

I’m going to take it.

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