How kind of you are to me, I feel like I’m running away from my fatigue.

I think the massage I get when I’m tired and tired is very helpful. I work in a sales position, so I always hang around with people, dress up and shoes. Seeing it makes it easier for me to get tired.

In fact, when you come home from work, you tend to fall asleep like you’re exhausted, and your whole body’s muscles are stiff. So I have my own new hobby. It’s Jamsil aroma massage. When I get a Jamsil massage, I feel like I’m running away from all the fatigue I’ve accumulated for a week. It’s really cool and nice. I’ll let you know the massage restaurants I guarantee below, so it’d be great if you could refer to them and visit them!

Songpa Jamsil Forest

This is Forest near Exit 9 of the Songpa Samsil-dong Sports Complex Station. As its name is Forest, I visit often because it is a place where I can feel so cool and healing just like I am in the middle of the forest of Mother Nature.

I don’t know how grateful I am for always encouraging and paying back with a sincere and complete care from a customer’s point of view. There are many kinds of programs, and they are not only famous for Jamsil aroma massage, but also for Jamsil Thai massage. Thai, Aroma, Swedish, and Forest only. Vitamin cream is 30,000 won for Thai massage, 40,000 won for aroma massage, 50,000 won for vitamin cream massage, and 50,000 won for Swedish massage. ^^ All in 60 minutes ~ all Thai teachers are available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.

Bubble K in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu

The second aroma massage shop in 잠실 마사지 Jamsil is Bubble K. As the director said, kindness is an advantage, it’s a place where you can feel better by just visiting once thanks to really kind teachers. All the management teachers are so kind to me that I feel like I’m running away from all the fatigue! You are also holding a membership discount event, which is -10,000 won discount for writing a sincere review, and -10,000 won for groups of 3 or more! It costs 60,000 won for a Swedish massage, 80,000 won for a Korean teacher, and 40,000 won for an aroma massage event. ^^ There are both Thai and Korean teachers, so you can choose as you want! You’ve all completed a systematic curriculum, so you’re good at everything, and Bubble K is also open 24 hours a day! It is located 5 minutes away from Jamsil Saesae Station, so please go there.

Seoul Home-Tai Supergirl

Lastly, Jamsil Aroma massage recommendation is Jamsil Business Travel Tima. ^^ I often use it when I don’t want to go out because I can get it at home. Especially in cold weather like these days, I use it very well.
I don’t know how happy I am to be able to get the best rest by specializing in luxury therapy. You’re doing a unique hand guitar, it’s 70,000 won for 90 minutes. Aroma costs 80,000 won, and there’s also a VIP course, so you can get both wet and dry! It’s made up of Thai teachers in their 20s, and it’s open 24 hours a day.

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