There are many different types of massage.

Dip your feet in a little warm water.

I’ve been standing there for a long time.

I can feel the coolness of it makes me feel coolness.

It was great. It was like a couch in the back.

I’m gonna put it all back and take a foot bath.

in a comfortable position almost half-stretched.

Like I do at my house, I’m going to take a foot bath.

I enjoyed it. I had a cup of tea.

Dip your feet in it, light up here.

It’s a little dark, so I’ve been sleeping since then.

I’m here.

I’m done warming up to the foot bath.

I’m going to sit down for full-fledged care.

I moved. The whole room is comfortable.

Sigh comfortably during illumination

I slept. I lied down on the bed and it was soft.

You covered me with a blanket.

Upgraded dragonflies Complete

I think I could have done it.

Actually, I’m worried about going to crowded places.

Because of the circumstances, when you go to the 건마 감성 뜻 Dongtan Massage,

I thought a lot about it and made a decision.

Once you’re in, it’s neat and tidy.

There was quarantine and disinfection itself.

We’re taking care of the rooms through that.

I could use it.

And the products that are used in the bed.

I was maintaining cleanliness through sterilization.

And hand sanitizers everywhere.

There was, and the supplies that the customers use

It’s a one-time, one-

It’s been done thoroughly.

Make sure it’s clean and clean.

I’ve started maintenance, but I’ve been so busy controlling the pressure.

He’s so nice to me, sometimes he’s a bad guy.

But after I did it, my body was like this.

To the point where I wonder if I could have been lighter.

My muscles are loose.

Usually, the stores in this area are old and the interior itself is not very good, and the sanitary conditions are often bad, but Asan Modern Style Weddy maintained a really pleasant and hygienic interior. At first glance, I felt that you were really concerned about hygiene, so I decided to visit my favorite restaurant even before I got a massage. There is no other massage parlor like this in Cheonan!

When I get it, I’m focused on my muscles.

I didn’t even have time to think about anything else.

I was able to take care of myself for a while.

It was a moment. at ease of fatigue

If you’d like a healing experience, I’d like to visit you.

Take care of yourself here.
There are many different types of massage. As the name suggests, it is famous for Cheonan Thai Massage in addition to the swedish that I mentioned earlier. ^^ Price information is 30,000 won for 60 minutes and 40,000 won for 90 minutes. You’re also doing an aroma massage. It’s 40,000 won for 60 minutes and 50,000 won for 90 minutes. The Swedish massage costs 50,000 won and 60,000 won for a little more expensive!

All Thai teachers are composed of Thai teachers, so you can experience the feeling of being in Thailand and even have a skin beauty certificate. Isn’t it amazing that a place with this honey condition is massaged at 24? It’s located across from Galbi Village, so you should all go there. ~

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