It is highly likely that a large number of main hitters will be included in the lineup.

KIA Tigers’ first-place pitcher Lee Eui-ri made the hearts of the club and fans flutter in the first appearance of the practice game.

Lee Eui-ri took the mound as the second pitcher of the first-tier white team in the top of the third inning, 0-0 at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 7th, and recorded 1£ innings without a hit, 1 strikeout, and 1 walk. Lee Eui-ri recorded a maximum fastball of 148 kilometers on the day and continued to show cool pitching by inserting heavy fastball of 145 kilometers.

Futures pitching coach Seo Jae-eung, who was a special commentator for KIA’s own broadcast on the day, mentioned Lee Eui-ri as a fifth starter, saying, “The players who are playing as the second pitcher compete for the fifth starter.” Lee Eui-ri, who graduated from Gwangju Jeil High School and received the first place name of KIA, has a responsibility to fill the left-handed starting position empty by Yang Hyun-jong, who was the ace of the team until last year, along with his colleagues Jang Min-ki and senior Kim Yoo-shin.

Lee threw a fastball of 146 kilometers from the first pitch against Park Min, the lead hitter in the third inning. Lee Eui-ri, who returned Park Min and Hwang Yun-ho to center field fly balls, sent Kim Young-hwan to walk after a seven-ball fight. He finished the inning with 15 pitches per inning.

Lee Eui-ri, who took the mound in the fourth inning, struck out Choi Jung-yong with a swing, Yoo Min-sang with a fly ball in right fielder, and Jang Young-seok with a fly ball in left fielder, filling out 30 scheduled pitches and replaced with Hong Sang-sam in the third inning. Yang Hyun-jong (Texas Rangers), who was watching the club’s own broadcast on YouTube, also commented with admiration on Lee’s pitching, such as “Loyal Ball Scary” and “It’s much better than me.”

“It’s early March, and the pace is very fast,” said coach Seo, who has drastically reduced his speech to see Lee’s pitching. 146-147km is being filmed continuously, and the tip of the cheek is very good. “The batter’s timing was good because the number of turns was good, but the bat is showing a push with the ball rotation,” he praised.

“I saw him at the closing camp, and he is quiet and does everything he needs to do.” “I think he’s a quiet and heavy player,” he said, referring to his personality. “Since it’s my first time dealing with players in real life since I came professionally, I will be able to boost my confidence with today’s game.” “It will be fun to see what kind of positions manager Williams and coach Chung Myung-won will take this year.”

Lee Eui-ri raised the possibility by throwing a fast ball nearly 150 kilometers in the first practice match, but the difference 스포츠중계 between strike and ball was also significant. The 148-kilometer fastball thrown at Hwang was also a ball that fell sharply to the lower side. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Eui-ri will be able to show the spirit of the monster rookie this year by completing the tasks in the actual game that has finally begun.

Texas Rangers’ Yang Hyun-jong (33) will start his first exhibition game.

Yang Hyun-jong will appear as a relief pitcher in an exhibition game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Surprise Stadium in Arizona on the 8th (Korea time). The Texas Rangers announced that Yang Hyun-jong would throw an inning in relief against the Dodgers.

The starting pitchers for the game were Texas Mike Poltinevich and Dodgers Walker Buehler.

Yang Hyun-jong, who signed a one-year split contract with Texas this season, was late to join the spring camp due to visa issues and Corona 19 self-isolation. Compared to other pitchers, the schedule has been delayed for about 10 days, but he will start to play faster than expected.

Yang Hyun-jong is not guaranteed to join the Major League roster. In order to make his big league debut, he has to show good performance in exhibition games and seize opportunities by himself. Every game in the exhibition game is precious.

The Dodgers, where Yang Hyun-jong meets, won the World Series last season and are considered a strong candidate for the championship this season. Cody Bellinger, who won the 2019 National League MVP, is out of injury, but it is highly likely that Mookie Betts, who won the 2018 American League MVP, as well as the main hitters who took a break against the San Diego Padres on the 7th.

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