In the busy lives of modern people, quickly,

I’ve been working a lot lately, working overtime.
No matter how much I come home and rest, I can’t get rid of my fatigue.
My body was so full.
And then I went to the massage shop with my brother.
I got a recommendation.
It’s Yongsan Massage’s masterpiece.
It’s a luxurious store with a great deal of talent.
It’s a place full of teachers, so I’m very satisfied.
I heard he’s going to school.

I’m just around the office, so I’m gonna stop by after work.
I did.
It’s a reservation system, so I’ll call you in advance.
We need to check the available time.
I made a reservation for two 출장안마 with my sister who lives close by.
So I went.
The sweet aroma of aroma from the entrance.
It was coming out.
Aroma, especially if used well, can help relieve fatigue.
It’s known to be very helpful.

Event services are popular.
Coursework using various stones or aromas.
So, it’s all about preferences and preferences.
I think you can make a choice.
When I walked into the entrance, I saw the man who was waiting for me.
The boss welcomed me.
Name, appointment time, change shoes,
I went into the fitting room.
You need to change into a ready-to-wear outfit.
My clothes are not contaminated and I’m comfortable with the service.
It’s because you can get it.

After I changed my clothes, I put my feet in it.
There was a warm tea ready to drink.
It smells really deep and it’s freezing.
It felt like it was getting warmer.
When you receive water, add salt like this.
They add aroma powder.
I was worried because it was my first time at Yongsan Massage.
I think I made a good choice.
Weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Please note that there is also a price discount.

Usually, before we start, we take a foot bath like this.
I’m getting ready.
Maybe it’s not dinner time yet.
There are no customers, and I’m the only one.
It was cozy and nice.
Generally, they give up Yongsan massage rights with membership.
Once you sign up, add up to 20% more.
It’s possible, so please refer to it.
I don’t want to pay for it every time I come.
There’s a lot of benefits to hanging up.
It’s economical and I think it’s okay.

We need to get there a little early or wait for the party.
We’re gonna have chairs and tables for you.
It’s ready.
It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes to soak your feet.
Just in time, we’ll start on time.
I think it could get shorter.
My sister and the teacher who was in charge of me,
You’ll come out in order, wipe your feet with a towel.
He went into the room where he was guiding him.

The number of beds varies depending on the size of the room.
A small room like this has about two beds.
I felt like I was going in.
She told me to lie down comfortably, so my sister and I…
I lied down in order.
I always get massages that I’ve only gotten on trips.
It was amazing to receive it in Korea, too.

You started with dorsal pressure.
As expected, the hands of experts are different.
Sometimes when you’re tired, your family gives you a hand.
Unlike that, he releases them along the meridian.
I heard that it’s really cool.
I asked you, and you know, you know, you know, you know, you know
A lot of people did it.
I should recommend a lot to people around me now.

If you’re sick in the middle, don’t hold it in and tell me.
They carefully looked at it, saying it was possible.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had muscle massages.
Especially the shoulders and neck, no matter how strong they are,
I only thought that it was really cool.
I’ve been working so hard, but from now on,
I’ll have to make more time for this healing.

He’s been on business trips a lot, and his calf muscles are as much as his shoulders.
It’s always pulling and hurting.
Sometimes I do yoga, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do
It felt like something was missing.
You’re gonna get some aroma oil on your hands for free.
He’s blowing his calves hard.
I don’t know if heaven is here.
I was satisfied as much as I could lift it.
She was sick at first, but then she was sick.
Maybe it’s because I got used to it, but I think it’s okay.

If you’re so laid back,
I thought I might fall asleep in the middle.
I actually had a lot of insomnia.
You’ve been getting better all day, sir.
I had a hard time standing up, but the physical pain…
We’re going to talk about a variety of things, including a guest who’s
It was really interesting.
If you’re very tired, you can’t sleep because of the pain.
Pain. I know, at least once a week.
I think I’ll be using it regularly.

I can feel how fast time flies.
It felt like 45 minutes had passed.
You can choose from a 90-minute course, a 120-minute course, etc.
So next time, we’re gonna have to do something a little longer.
I think so.
The teachers were checking the time in between.
They did.
I felt so sorry, but the next customer, too,
There’s nothing we can do about it.

The ending is stretching.
You’re stretching out your whole body.
Perfect finish, right?
I like the person who did it today.
I’m going to name it now.
I said hello and walked out to the shop.
It’s not as easy as it was when we went in.
I thought it was a good trip.

It’s common for massage to help with blood circulation.
We do.
In the busy lives of modern people, quickly,
It’s hard to find a way to recover.
Yongsan Massage is not only for blood circulation but also for fatigue recovery.
Getting in shape, relaxing muscles after exercising, etc.
I thought it would be useful in a variety of ways.
I think it’s perfect.

But if you’re pregnant, or if you have a specifically,
There could be some restricted services.
You must consult your doctor beforehand.
Don’t forget that you have to visit.
He’s got the best facilities, the nicest, the best.
I’ll wrap up my review of the Damsugi Master here.

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