Recommend healing aroma style

Because I’m always at home, my whole body hurts more and there’s a limit to massage.

On my day off, I went to Jintherapy, a massage center at Gangnam Station.

If you go straight into the alley, it’s on the 2nd floor on the right, so it’s easy to find so I came

The location is good, so it will be close to people looking for a massage at Sinnonhyeon Station!

In addition to wearing a mask for all employees of Jintherapy, a massage site at Gangnam Station, disinfectants are available everywhere.

There’s a place to wash your hands at the entrance, and it’s a relief that you’re following the quarantine regulations these days.

Of course, I wore a mask and bought some aromas, too!

First, check your body temperature and start your therapy!

I made a reservation for the middle of the day on weekdays.

I’m always in a state of melon that seems to break my whole body. I’m thinking about which course 1인샵 to take.

There were a lot of body therapy, aromatherapy, lower body care, etc.

Aroma Lantern 60-minute course, it’s hard to manage alone!

Shinnonhyeon Massage Gintherapy, which is neatly arranged from foot bath to entrance waiting area,

I will be guided to the Korean supervisor’s dressing room and shower room, changing clothes, and receiving scents!

The dressing room and shower room are right next to each other, and it’s not that big, but it’s very comfortable.

The Michigang did not shower, but it was well equipped with dryness and other products.

It was easy to get a massage at Gangnam station, get ready, and go out.

First of all, cotton comfortable clothes are the best when you get a massage!

Since I didn’t wake up and put on makeup, I’m ready to get a massage at Gangnam Station as soon as I change!

Even though he didn’t put on makeup, he even took a mirror of the gin therapy at Gangnam Station.

I’m excited to get a Shinnonhyeon Station massage!

The U.S. River was guided to a spacious and pleasant double room.

Mi-gang came alone, but it would be good for those looking for a couple massage at Gangnam Station!

I fell on my stomach because I decided to take care of my back.

The Korean manager asked me where I was most uncomfortable, and everyone laughed that they were all uncomfortable and sick.

Shoulder, neck, waist…

Basically, after massaging my entire back as well as my back, I started to rewind the scent.

Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m getting a full-body therapy.

I can’t believe the massage at Gangnam Station!

Dried shoulders on turtle neck, feeling like lying down…

The caregiver therapy massage the turtle neck and skinny shoulders to make them look normal.

Maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable.

You told me to tell you I can control the pressure, but you made me really happy, so you didn’t need to control the pressure, did you?

It was amazing how you tore up my club like that.

Sixty minutes went by, and the Mi-gang definitely felt better for the slaves in Aroma.

Since the scent of gintherapy products is also not stimulating, I don’t take a shower after managing gintherapy products.

It was enough to come home and take a shower later!

The Sinnonhyeon Station Massage Gintherapy ends with Ronnefeld’s warm tea!

It was enough to cure my back, but when I drank warm tea, my back melted.

Since the Korean manager is very kind and delicious, I will go to Jin Therapy, a massage at Gangnam Station!

That’s what makes me feel better

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