Vintage used cars don’t have cheap and good cars

Well, as I’ve been changing jobs, I’ve been thinking that this year,

My salary has gone up. economical in this situation

How easy it is to live a life that’s not too burdensome.

People around me say they envy me for what’s going on.

I do a lot, but this is as much as I want.

I’m really sick because I’m earning. at first

For about three months, it’s not a big deal.

It was fine, but it’s gradually increasing one by one.

Working so hard that there’s almost no time to rest.

It’s hard to reach him. that much effort

It’s built up as much as it’s tilted, and more comfortable.

considering a boom for work and on the way home.

Why don’t we try? It made me think that.

With the Avanted used dailica we encountered.

a highly considered and mentioned model

I’m winning, too. It was Avante A.D. 1.6 VGT.

I got to see the rating trim as a smartphone.

There’s a lot of classifications, up to the top trim.

No, but it’s still hard to operate every day.

You’re doing great without any pressure.

That sounds like a relief. It’s white, too.

Everyone, regardless of age or gender.

It would be appropriate to ride around. in one’s mind

It was better maintained than that.

I looked at the performance inspection record and it was an accident.

The staff was very good at guiding us.

Things I didn’t know 88카 and things I didn’t know.

The information was also corrected. Anyhow, more

If we continue with the review, we’ll think about the cost-effectiveness.

I thought it would be a great pick.

She mentioned it. It’s the 2018 model.

He was out, but he had a little mileage.

I’ll win, but I’ll be as good as he is.

I was able to meet him reasonably. Urgently

I’m going to get a ride to and from work.

If you’re looking for it, you can try to find it.

It looks like a used car that I thought would look like.

I opened the door. Inside, it’s just plain.

It’s a dark place to take care of, to keep the atmosphere alive.

It has a color scheme. more than I thought

It wasn’t very useful. on the road

So you’re sitting in the driver’s seat for a long time.

I thought there would be some places, but there were wrinkles.

It’s just a little bit, but there’s no problem sitting down.

The heating system is well-embedded and a little bit.

The only thing I’m afraid of is that it’s a passive lever.

You can’t help it with this much money.

I’d love to. I’d like to set the position and angle.

Lever did a good job.

Big enough to ride with other passengers at the same time.

There won’t be a problem. It’s a lot more space.

It’s hard to enjoy it wisely, but it’s hard to get in and out.

It wasn’t difficult at all. Second row seats.

It’s also arranged sensibly.

By default, the door is open in column 2.

I like it too, and the slope is pleasant.

The center of gravity tilts to either side.

I made sure there was no inconvenience.

Back seats in case of the driver’s seat.

There are no signs of being used.

It shows the state of being soft.

I don’t have any more. The trip screen is also basic.

It’s set up. It’s set up in advance.

The functions that were already in place never get pushed back.

The vent line also has a smooth finish.

There’s one, but the chrome molding covers it all the more.

They’re looking for luxurious charms.

Avanted used buttons are indigo,

I think it was turning blue.

It looked better than before. individual

It’s not too complicated in the enemy’s opinion.

I liked it because it was well simplified.

Even if you’re a beginner, you’re not a good fit.

It wasn’t going to be difficult, and I’m going to summarize it as plain

It could be. It wasn’t fancy.

But there’s a dedicated trip screen.

It’s been there. It’s the only way to get to the navigation

I was able to use it, and the rear camera was also…

It was the same. Especially if you’re a beginner.

Even if he gets his license like me, he drives a lot.

those who are virtually licensed in the wardrobe.

At this point, the rear camera would be more essential.

So I’m so curious. I did it

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