It’s a place where you take good care of my skin.

Hello. Maybe it’s after the snow, but I think it’s the coldest weather this year. Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold and be careful of corona. I hope you wrap up this year healthy.^^ I moved to Sejong because of my job, and my whole body aches and cramps, probably because I was too busy preparing to move in the cold weather. I heard that there is a good one-person shop massage shop in Sejong, so I came to visit.

The bed is called face shield. It’s a mask.

It’s installed. The director and I were looking at each other.

Don’t let the raincoat splash on your face when you’re facing him.

I do. I take off my mask and face care.

I don’t have to worry about the hairdresser or me.

Double-double-double-double-duplex face-to-face.

Wear a mask, wear disposable gloves,

Not only is it hygienic, but it’s also not sponging off when you’re taking care of it’

Use only single-use cotton puffs to make it safer.

You can get maintenance.

What I’m getting right now is an enzyme that makes it light.

I’m doing deep cleansing.

You’re so young-looking.

I thought you’d have a short career, but you know, over 10 years.

He’s been doing this for a long time.

You’re a sophisticated and fast worker.

I like it because it doesn’t feel rough!

Second, I’m going to use a water gun to dry my face.

It 부산 건마 rehydrates the body, almond-film, until secondary.

And when you get it, the skin that got sensitive with the blush,

It feels like it’s being transparent.

It’s called Cryo, which reduces the heat on your face.

The mask calms your face from the pain.

It’s about helping. When you get this, you’re gonna have to get a bed.

Warm. Cool face. Blinking eyes.

When you’re about to go to sleep, the pack covers.

I’m going to be so dark in this whole world.

As a wrap-up, I received a pdt with additional options.

For my face, exhausted from fighting Corona.

I gave you an award. Everywhere but home

I was wearing it all over the place, and it was rough.

The ones that had been swept up and flushed many times.

I can see it’s gone.

Immediately afterwards, your face is moist with moisture.

I can see the light and transparent stuff filling up and transparent.

It’s all gone, and it’s all gone. It’s all gone.

It feels like it’s getting brighter.

When I get out of the room after taking care of Munjeong-dong’s skin,

The powder room you can always hear! Even if you call it a selfie zone,

You’ve made it look pretty enough.

I’ve got a hairbrush and a hairdryer.

I had a towel all over my head.

Even the back of his head, pressed down and dented.

It’s nice to be able to clean up and go.

It’s called the official Dermis Beauty Center certification shop.

It’s more reliable because of Mark.

Just as each individual looks different, so is the skin type.

It’s all different, so you need to take a 1:1 care that’s right for you.

You’re doing it through that, so I’much more than that.

You checked my skin condition and worked on it.

I couldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Safe from the corona.

It’s a place where you take good care of my skin.

He’s the king of management, so he’s going to have to do something

I’m so curious if you’ll be the host.

The manager is so kind, not to mention his skills. If you’re looking for a good massage shop, I recommend you go to Mapo 24 o’clock massage shop!

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