Popular massage types

I think Swedish massage is common these days.
It’s an insider’s massage.
Mrs. Kwon from my house was curious, so I went there.
It’s not a high pressure, it’s a circular massage. Let’s start the Rodongsan Swedish Massage Challenge. Adelterafi Bodywork Rodongno Street, Nodong-gu, Kangsong-ro, Kangsong-ro, Kangsong-ro Street, Parking, Wireless Internet, Men and Women’s Restroom, so I made a reservation first by text or phone and visited on time.
Adelterapy Bodywork can be parked. There were plenty of room on the floor, in front of the cafe, during the day. You can go down to the basement floor, but if you press the intercom, they open the door.
When I arrived, they prepared a drink. There’s a lot of simple drinks. If you were hungry, you would have had some chocolate. Huh, Ilsan Swedish Massage Adelterapy Bodywork. Price is 10,000 won for 10,000 people. We have a lot of other officials such as deep tissue and lymph circulation, so please check the price tag. There was a discount for new members or a review. Don’t miss this kind of festival. You can earn additional points when you buy a license. Ilsan Massage Adelterapy Bodywork Lobby Shop-In-shop concept offers various beauty services in one place, including esthetic eyelashes and waxing nails.
I was escorted into the massage room. It was a cozy quiet music space, with massage beds in the middle. But it hasn’t been long since I raised the temperature of the bed, so my mom was a little cold. I mean, they raised the air conditioner a little bit. Thank you, and the Adelterapy care supplies, which were convenient for all the massage and showers in one space, were neatly organized. I felt that the disposable underwear and the shower towel that I use after getting a massage were generally well maintained in the basket. When you take off your clothes and put on a gown and press the bell, you start the massage. You put the oil bottle in warm water like this. While warming up, the lotion massage started.
She used lotion everywhere to massage me. You see the white cream in the black box on the right. He said he thought I was getting an oil massage because I took enough of this and gave him a gentle massage. Next, WOMOIL’s mom used to feel uncomfortable because her lower body was swollen a lot, but I think she’s definitely feeling better these days.
Especially when you get a foot massage, 스웨디시 don’t you think it’s cool just by looking at it? It’s not just your lower body but also your whole body.
Every detail of the hand, every detail, every detail, very different from what we do at home. I received a full course of Swedish massage and Hawaiian massage, which gently massage my whole body with warm oil.
I was proud of how comfortable my mom was because she was deep-sleep.
And time passed and my mom woke up after a good rest.
There was a body lotion that I could put on after the shower. It was a place where you could get rid of a lot of stray dogs for the Swedish massage, which has been misknown until now because of the sterilization of towels and gowns. If you click on the link below and go to the cafe, please refer to the reservation or discount festival

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